Voilating Traffic Rules,Threat To Residents Of Nandanvan colony , Chowni Police Silent spectators.


Aurangabad: The fear of law for voilating traffic norms is diminishing from drivers of commercial vehicles. The local police is just seen spectators, Tractors , auto-riskshwa have become menace for senior and peace loving people of nandanvan colony Chowni . Many commercial auto loadded with open iron rods are seen carried openly have become threat to pedestrian and vehicle riders. The local police is not registering cases against traffic voilators who are carrying iron rods openly. The road from garden to amit apartments has become parking zone for commercial auto , Tractors on zik zak turn is causing lot of inconvenience to senior citizen and women’s.

The bitmarshal are not seen clearing the commercial vehicle park on main road or traffic police not seen taking any action .

In above picture of nandanvan colony a failed tractor parked on slope road In which driver is resting under wheels of tyres. When they don’t care there own life , will they care for pedestrian ?

Auto rikshaw parking adjacent to junction of little flower square , causing inconvenience to other’s. Chowni Police is not registering cases on vehicles which are obstructing the traffic flow.

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