Stray Dog Capturing Section Of AMC Unit Still Outdated With Capturing Techniques.


Aurangabad :AMC has chalk out plan for capturing stray dogs . The last victim a small school going boy died after stray dogs attack the kid. There are around 20,000 stray dogs in city , Insensitivity of AMC is to capture stray dogs with old techniques of butterfly net which has sucess rate of 20% , many attempt get fail as dog dont allows AMC Labour to approach them and run away.

Employees are not trained to capture stray dogs and don’t have hands gloves or proper shoes to save themself from attack while capturing.

There are many new technique such as net gun that work from a safe distance to capture dogs.

A citizen Dr wagh said AMC has not even done any survey for pet dog registration or its vaccination for anti rabbies.

Below is the same image of net gun for capturing stray Animals.

A senior citizen said will aurangabad AMC

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