Quenching Thirst of Patients, A Service For Humanity At Ghati Hospital


Aurangabad : It is seen from last year at ghati hospital water is serve to patients and there relative at ruppes 1 and 2 , such quality of water cost atleast 15 to 20 ruppes in market. Mr Iftekar has mounted R O Filter plant on a loading auto and after taking permissions from hospital the auto daily stand near superintendents office .He said He want to serve humanity by this noble cause and it is on no loss no profit system . He said Thouse who don’t have money are serve water at free of cost. People visting aurangabad ghati hopsital have good memories of humility done to them by questing there thirst , daily more than 500 people take benefit of taking clean water in there bottles

A social worker who visited ghati hospital said common people are ahead in serving people than the community leaders


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