Pedestrians Of Nandanvan Colony Facing Continuous Threats From Unruly Tractors 


Aurangabad: Last week Unruley Tractor has hit a school auto at New Nandanvan colony turn ,In which many school going children were injured. Tractors are seen carry stones from city via nandanvan colony and dumping at slaughter house area. Many tractor don’t have proper papers and are outdated , with no physical fitness certificate, With fanted missing registrations number. With lot of black smoke causing environmental imbalance . Running with higher speed not caring for pedestrains or bike riders has become the concern for residents . Tractors drivers says they gave ruppess 200 entry fees when ever they are caught by local police to avoid any legal action. Many Tractors drivers says they don’t have documents such as fitness certificate, insurance , tax paper ,PUC .Many drivers are under the influence of alcohol while driving .

Nandanvan colony residents appeal Aurangabad Police commissioner to direct concern Police inspector of Chowni Police station and Chowni Traffic police inspector to file cases on Unruley tractors drivers.

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