No Polarization Farmers First


Aurangabad : No Polarization Farmers First
By Mustafa Alam

Victory in the three states of hindi belt has injected enormous energy in the Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi. Rightly giving all credit of this triumph to the farmers, jobless youth, small traders & the poorest of the poor, he has brought the resentment of these section to the forefront of the nation. The BJP who has been ruling these states, had deliberately suppressed these issues to hush up its failures in fulfilling the aspiration of the people. Moreover, it had sytematically diverted attention of the people towards Mandir, Cows, tripal talak, love jehad & so called Bangladeshi intruders, bashing the Muslim community. Party President Amit Shah was leading the bandwagon by publicly rebuking the community during the recently concluded election rallies. He has deputed UP CM Yogi Adityanath to whip up religious sentiments of the Hindu community, particularly in the Muslim dominated constituencies. Their aim to polarise the voters on these issues seems to have got partial success. As a result, the party which was projected to be nowhere in Rajasthan, won more than 70 seats and 109 seats in MP, despite a strong anti-incumbancy. Chhatisgarh was the only exception where it reduced to 21 seats. To counter the BJP hindutwa politics effectively, Rahul Gandhi rightly raised the issues rural distress, unemployment, resentment of small traders & corruption, exposing the Rafel scam. Therefore, the Congress party has prudently setting the upcoming agenda of 2019 Lok Sabha on these core issues forcing the BJP to talk on development in stead of temple & cow. Consequently, media, especially TV channels had been happy to talk on Cow & Kashmir compelled to place their Prime Time debate on the farmers suicide & rural distress.

Above article is written by mustafa alam He Has work as journalist in The Independence , Citizens and executive editor in dainak vishavaMitra) with a 31 year if expirence in journalism.

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