MP Imtiaz Jaleel Save a Bed-Ridden Farmers son life.


Aurangabad: MP Imtiaz Jaleel today convence a youth for talk , who was on suicide mission to jump from a tower at TV center .The depressed youth a son of farmer who is a donor for liver transplant to his father has applied for CM medical Aid for treatment but his file was not Geting sanctions, frustrated with the system farmer son decided to jump from tower in protest. On Geting informational MP Imtiaz Jaleel reach the spot and promise that he will assist him for sanction under state goverment funds .The farmers son has thank MP for his consolation . Local Citizens Mr wagh said “We appreciate the action of MP ” He said were country is facing mob lynching and local MP save a depressed youth life from sucide. Mr Khandare said MP Imtiaz Jaleel save a debt ridden farmers son life’s ,A Muslim MP saving life of a Hindu is the a beautiful brotherhood example.

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