MLA Imtiaz Jaleel’s movement to free city from drugs.


Aurangabad: Aurangabad Central MLA Mr Imtiayz Jaleel has express his displeasure over city police in controlling the supply and use of narcotic / addictive illegal- drugs by youths in city. A person has lost his life in stabbing by a youth who have consumed drugs.Mr Jaleel has said there will be a protest at Commssionerate of Police office aurangabad at 19 January .

Senior citizens said there are many spots in city were Ganja is sell and youths purchase and get addict to it. city gardens ,opens space and steps in front of shops are favourite spots for youths .

A seniors citizen said there is need of police patrolling in small lanes of Roshan gate here youths are continuously consuming drugs siting late night at steps of shops have become threat to common people. Many shops remain open through out night and sells gutka , cigarates .Large number of youths from all over city gathers for purchasing gutka , cigrates and make nusciance for hours disturbing sleeps of seniors citizen’s .There is a demand to closed these shops after 11 pm.Mr Jaleel has chalk out the strategy to make city free from drugs by arranging Conselling to youths in various schools and colleges , and in some some parts of city.

Dr Layeeq Ur Rehman a well know city psychiatrists said Raahat Hospital and Navjeevan Darumukti Dawakhana is always ready to arrange free Deaddiction camps in the city any day anywhere , he said he will cooperate with politicians, citizens and NGO’S in this in de-addiction movement.

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