Khan Abdul Haleem Hasher Passed Away.


Aurangabad Khan Abdul Haleem Hasher Passed Away today at 10 am 19 april 2019 .The founder of free food distribution to poor and needy patients of ghati and other hospital from panchikki mosque. He also guided tamer a millat organizations in there charitable activities. More than 1000 people of all caste , religion are feed daily by his setup, He has arrange food distribution to poor and needy patitents and there relative daily inside panchikki mosque with filter water distribution.

His setup has 42 people in whicb 22 are widow women who cook food daily for distribution. Apart from this he has also done arrangement for poor patients to stay free of cost adjacent to masjid who came for long treatment . His demise is a great loss for humanity .His last prayer was perform in jama masjid aurangabad were thousands of people pray for him.He was laid in rest in graveyard adjacent to jama masjid.

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