Injured Leopard Viral Video Not From Ellora Ghat , Range Forest Officer Y.C.Dilpaak


Aurangabad: The viral video with a message leopard spotted at Ellora ghat and after next few days another video was viral showing Leopard in injured condition and few people pulling injured animal aside of road in darkness of night with help of headlight of vehicles was viral.

In investation with nearby villages of ellora local people denied any incident of Leopard geting Injured by any vehicle , In an interview with Indian free press,

RFO of khuldabad region Y.C. Dilpaak said

There are many Leopard on thick foresty of maishmal and they marks there boundaries with urine , A female Leopard has given birth to Cubs and that’s why there is increase of Leopard in region .

On clearfiying On viral video of Leopard spotted on ellora ghat and next viral video injured leopard is pulled by people .

RFO Y.C. Dilpaak said that video clip of leopard siting on roadside wall and next geting Injured by any vehicle is not from ellora ghat or his range of khudabad.

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