Aurangabad City Roadside Meat Stall Operating Without Permission Of FSSAI.


Aurangabad : Many Meat stall are seen on Highways adjacent to city, These stall require Registration from local AMC or cantonment board . Shop’s selling meat is require to take permission from FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India). Anybody found operating without proper permissions and guidelines are subject to legal action.

There are AMC and Cantonment board slaughter houses were government Veterianry doctor visits and finalise healthy goats for slaughter but road side Mutton stalls neither have any Registration or check criteria for meat they are selling.Many times goats are bitten by stray dogs and in case of rabies or any diseases there consumption may be harmful.

Meat shops and slaughterhouses will now be required to have mandatory licences from the Centre, not just civic bodies.

In a notice to all food safety commissioners and secretaries of urban local bodies across the country, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), under the Union Health Ministry, has asked them to direct all slaughterhouses and meat shops under their jurisdiction to seek a mandatory licence to run their operations.

Fee Structure, FSSAI license for Meat shop:

• Annual charges of Rs 7500/- for new license issuance

All licenses can be modified, issued, or renewed for five years.

The license will be issued to retailers who will now be under two categories: one below Rs 12 lakhs turnover and others above Rs 12 lakhs turnover.

All the information to be filled are available online, along with the form for all the documents to be submitted to the local authorities within 15 days.

With AMC or Cantonment board they should have permission from FSSAI .There is online form for FSSAI registration for meat sellers .

Once the documents are submitted, proper verification will be done by the officers. If found negligent, licenses will be denied; otherwise, the license will be issued by FSSAI.

To operate the business, the business owners must follow the complete guidelines laid by the Food Authority Department.
Before issuance of licenses, various departments would also carry out checks like Municipal Corporation, food safety authority, police as well as a veterinary doctor.

All of the meat shops and slaughterhouses will also need to mention the source of procurement of animals.
All the rules and regulations have been imposed to enforce proper safety and maintenance of hygiene standards.

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