An Obituary To The Dead And Dying Administration Of Aurangabad


Aurangabad : Unruly truck and strucked administration. (An obituary to the dead and dying administration ).
Truck entering in old city that too in busy traffic hours tells the story that no one cares for common peoples life’s. You are no less than ants,flies or the likes to be worried for.

Irresponsible officers of AMC has gifted city for narrow lanes , potholes , illegal parking , street peddlars and vendors standing at their own fancies and whims.

Aurangabad Police commsioner should equally appoint traffic policemen at city chowk , camps chowk , shahjunh, roshan gate , katkatgate at peak hours to stop Heavy vehicles entering inside city.

The AMC administration though collects equal tax from old city but do not provide equal services and facilities.
The painfull scenario of accident victim inside ghati hospital , there crushed body and mutilated hands and legs there screaming for urgent relief from pain , Citizens should ask the administration of their deriliction of their duties, the politicians of their responsibilities.
With prayers for the deceased ,hope the decayed system will awake.

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