AMC Commssioner Dr NIPUN VINAYAK launched  a help line for water scarcity .


Aurangabad; AMC Commssioner Dr NIPUN VINAYAK has launched a help line for water scarcity in AMC region of aurangabad city. The 24 hour water scarcity helpline number are 18002336233 initiated for grievance redressal.

Aurangabad City people have appreciated this step ,the people of Darga area beside glory colony bahusinpura road , which have locality of more than ten thousand people mostly backward Muslims a slum area have appeal AMC Commsioner to send water tankers to darga area as there is no water pipeline and all bore are dried from last 2 months and they belong to corporation limits. People have lot of expectation from AMC Commsioner that there grievance will be solved and they hope the AMC water tankers will reached darga area and quench there thirst.

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